Friday, March 30, 2018

Short Clip from my BJD Class

The full online Course is available as a subscription from my Patreon  or from my Etsy

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Hard Work of Finishing and Sanding a BJD

If you are trying to go for a professional finished BJD with the purpose of reproduction you really have to do things right, have to consider the big competence out there when you try to introduce a new one.
For the beginners I will tell you learn to sculpt first and practice a lot, if you start right away trying to make a BJD it will be more likely for you to just get frustrated, unless you are doing it just for fun and then just go ahead and have fun... because is it really rewarding just to see your cute doll being able to just move and be play with!  

But if you are going for reproducing and trying to sell your Dolls, then you have to be really committed to, with that I meant your doll have to be perfect, all the sculpture, design, connections, I know some Artists that already have their own style, you know? that signature that makes your dolls being recognized by other, that is really good if you are thinking commercial, cause you have to add "your special touch" to your own BJDs.
Here I have in my table a doll I've been working on, she was made on a live class in made fairly fast (about 9 hrs)... which wasn't that good really for my personal use, for the class was perfect being able to teach all about. So, later on, it took me about a week just by fixing her design and parts.

By now, I'm on finishing steps... where sanding is a must!! 
If you are working with "Creative Paper clay" and following my steps on sanding (all info on my video classes), You should not have problems here. After this; the very last step will be stringing the doll for last time and check everything. 

And if everything works fine, all pieces will be sealed and ready to me molded. 
Even if you are not supporting my page keep following as I will be posting public updates about my works.
What are you working on now?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Black Widow

This is a Project for a Contest, the Challenge is to make a Creature based just on a Styrofoam head, using the most simply materials on hand. And so I did

I just wanna say that I have no training at all on FX Make up, I'm a Sculptor/Artist/Artisan of many talents and YES is it my dream on going to a FX Make Up School!!

I was inspired on the big jumping spider I have on my garden, I think they are cute! This came out of my blank imagination I didnt watch any reference of picture design or so, was just the spare of the moment and well I do like making Females Characters.

- Styrofoam head
- Styrofoam balls (and some extra cut off pieces for horns) 
- News Paper
- Masking Tape
- Mod Podge
- Acrylic Paints
- Paper Clay (Premier)
- Cold Porcelain (what a heck is that? Is clay made out of corn starch and white glue)
- Diamond Glaze
- Craft Paper
- Faux Hair
- Vintage Jewelry
- Trim and lace
- Craft Roses
- Tacky Glue
- 3D Paint
- two pieces of foam
- Hot glue gun

Here goes step by Step pics:

Eyes are Styrofoam balls cover with Cold Porcelain

Painted with acrylics and Dimensional 

Building up with news paper

 Teeth Also made with Cold Porcelain (air dry clay) 

Some craft paper to cover the horns

 More Craft Paper and Mod Podge to give some texture

 A little Paper Clay for gums

 My own primer Mod Pogde and black acrylic paint :)
Several coats of this

Painting with dry brush and acrylics

Adding hair and foam to give shape

Voila!! Two days of work

Vintage Jewelry added, Skull Cameo also made by me.
No bugs were harm on the making of this Creature!!

Thanks for watching :)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The history of Divina Beings...

I know i wasn't posting for a while here, not sure many people is blogging now a days maybe not body will see my blogs at all... anyway here I go.

"Divina" is my own character she is an Spirit from the Forest somehow magical and fantastic but yet  she is able to materialized herself into a creature that looks human like with some features from Forest Animals. Im gonna be coming up with a full history for her maybe come up with a book or at least a comic.
She is somehow good and evil, cute and creepy she protects the Forest from anybody who attempt to destroy and sometimes she'll be violent to the point of killing. She doesn't really eat but only human hurts from the evil people she kills.

I made her entirely in Polymer Clay, have flocked fur (from recycle) and cashmere goat's hair. She stands approx. 12" Tall.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Pan" El Laberinto del Fauno

Inspired on Pan's Labyrinth. 13" high Polymer Clay OOAK Figure, realistic hand made eyes, Tibetan's lamb looks for hair, leather and mixed media accessories all hand made by me.
Available now among some other of my Figures in Ebay or Etsy

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Call

New Piece from Angels by Noemi, available NOW on Ebay:

or ETSY:

Monday, April 28, 2014

Making a BJD by Gribby Bullock

This is NOT my Tutorial is belongs to Gribby Bullock. I found this Tutorial on DeviantArt but when I went back to check on the Artist it was gone :( Luckily I save the pictures on my PC and my whole idea is to share with everyone who wants to try to make a BJD from Scratch, so here it go: