Saturday, June 6, 2015

The history of Divina Beings...

I know i wasn't posting for a while here, not sure many people is blogging now a days maybe not body will see my blogs at all... anyway here I go.

"Divina" is my own character she is an Spirit from the Forest somehow magical and fantastic but yet  she is able to materialized herself into a creature that looks human like with some features from Forest Animals. Im gonna be coming up with a full history for her maybe come up with a book or at least a comic.
She is somehow good and evil, cute and creepy she protects the Forest from anybody who attempt to destroy and sometimes she'll be violent to the point of killing. She doesn't really eat but only human hurts from the evil people she kills.

I made her entirely in Polymer Clay, have flocked fur (from recycle) and cashmere goat's hair. She stands approx. 12" Tall.

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