Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almost Done with the First Set of Plaster Molds

Now I know why there has to be a second set of molds for the final pieces, there is a lot of imperfections in the mold and in the pieces themselves, I was reading that once having the cast pieces in wax they can be fix a even reshape, So here I go, right I'm working on the head and arms the last pieces, but here is a peek of the pieces I have done, I was using plaster of Paris for this first set, will Use Pottery Plaster N#1 for the master Molds.


  1. i am full of admiration for your work ! your bjd "production" looks wonderful and your doll looks so perfect ! i am absolutely totaly impressed.Mold making is a mystery for me but what you do looks absolutely brilliant !

  2. Thanks dear Nesca!
    You know? as I mention to my fellow friends from the OOAK Doll Art Group.... I may be selling a Tutorial for making Molds in Plaster, it just a future idea as I'm very busy getting ready for the BJD Conference in May.
    There is not really a big of information about plaster molds (there is a lot for casting in resin even videos), I hardly try to find a good tutorial for plaster, so It will be interesting to gather all the information and my own experience and share it.