Saturday, April 3, 2010

Second Ball Jointed Doll - Have the joints done

And its just a hand ahead LOL, yep I finally got to make her joints and feet. Next will be the hands and it will be ready. Here some pics:

I had her temporary stringing just to be sure all the joints are working. And I knew polymer clay couldn't take the pressure, one of her thighs was staring to crack just a little, so after I checked for the joint function I had to un-string her quickly, well It mat be the kind of polymer clay I used, it may be stronger with Fimo puppen or another kind of strong clay. but still, all the pieces are meant to take lot of pressure.


  1. Despite the problem, she is really gorgeous, Noemi. I can't wait to see her all finished. She really has such a beautiful face.


  2. Te esta quedando preciosa Noemi! Has probado con Cernit? he oido que es un poquito mas dura que puppen fimo, habria que hacer la pruebita!
    Un besote amiga!