Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obitsu Project Making Outfit

All made from scratch, hand stitch every single little piece and yes clothing is removable from Doll. Man I still waiting for the Shoes and stocking from Japan... Hopefully it will make it on time or else I have do to it myself.
This obitsu Body its so cool! look she is standing in her own!

And I don't know about the hat I think I have to paint it...

 And in the end I'll forget about the hat, don't think will look good with this wig:



  1. muy bonita y muchos detalles la ropa me encanta

  2. Noemi...she's Fantastic.
    And that dress....Awesome!!!

    I read that you have some doubts.
    My suggestions for the hat, I think it should be in dark brown color as her corset or however within the same range of tonality. For the hair... I think it would be more proper for her ...long hair wig, maybe...a pony tail or a braid or 2 braids.
    Surely in this case, to don't have the same tonality of hat and wig, the hair should be blonde or light brown or if you think that the hair are most beautiful in that color you have choosen then the hat should be a light brown or champagne color...or in a light tonality as some part of the dress. To make contrast obviously.
    But...this is just my opinion.
    I think she's another wonderful piece of yours. ^__-