Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obitsu Project

Yeah, I'm working very fast in this project making (sculpting) a Head for a 27cm Obitsu BJD Body,
Thanks to my friends from the ODA My very first characters will be a Steampunk Girl and a Lolita.

Here is the First one, a Steampunk Girl (No name yet) I sculpted the head in polymer clay, acrylic eyes. I'm using an original Obitsu body which I have carve and sand a little for a more realistic looking and also add blushed and color, everything sealed with MSC UV

She's ready for being dress up....

This is a pic from the two Obitsu Bodies I have the one on right is the one I have altered for a better look, the one in left looks just like a toy body, can't really see this on the picture, there is quite difference between bodies:

And this are all the pics from my future Steampunk Doll:

I was kind of disappointed with the unpainted face but gosh there is a big difference once the face in paint, the only thing I forgot is to add some gloss on lips.. I will

 And finally this is a Volks BJD 27cm that I bought and customized even the clothes, it was a present for my little Niece...



  1. Looking great, love that head you have made

  2. very very cool, I love BJD's I have a few but I've never made my own.