Monday, August 30, 2010

Would you Help my Teddy?

Who is Teddy?

By the Christmas of 2005 I got one of the most precious Gifts ever! a Puppy... who for such apparence to a white Teddy Bear we decide to call him "Teddy"

 Baby Teddy with me in Dec 2005
As much of you may know I came to live into the USA in June 2005 and had no Family or Friends here, I was happy for a brand new life and just getting married, but hubby had to work and I spend most of the day alone in home, yeah I did got sad and homesick. Teddy was such a bright little light on my life, he became our first son :)

Watch Teddy as a Puppy. He still the same crazy puppy! only his body is aging.

More Pets were add to the family but Teddy will always by my "First Dog". And until now we have no children our pets are all for us!

(My Handsome baby on the best of his days  guarding my Little niece sleeps. July 2010)

A Love for Dogs...

So what are Pets for us? For some people they're just pets... But I believe that they're a Blessing to our lives.
I always loved animals, as I child looking all bad things in this world I use to think that animals could be way more better than People.

"Yes I know you got mad of me cause I accidentally pee on the carpet so you throw me out on the yard,  I lay on your door all night long waiting for you... Because I love you, no matter how mad you are with me"
If a dog can talk....
And overall I'll always believe that Dogs are the Best Friends, and Pets in general are like our little children, a part of our family. 

Teddy Going to EMERGENCY!

Adding to some other health issues that Teddy had (Skin allergies and so)  in August 21st Teddy develop what it seem to be a tooth abbess that was coming out of his lower left eye as a big lump, so we had to take him to the Hospital, I spend all morning calling to places were we can find  a less cost Services, well there was pretty much no such thing... Thank God I found a place were at least we could find caring and loving service and so we took him.
Indeed it was a tooth abbess and worse he had some abnormally with his teeth in general and just to be sort: before he went to surgery that day the diagnosis was to pull out 2 o 3 tooth. In the end we came back to pick him at night, The Vet told us that she ended up pulling 11 of his teeth!  
Now going back several months ago I remember having 3 wisdom tooth pull out I almost died that week, crying on pain!. I was really hurt knowing that my little baby was going  through this, I didn't think he was gonna make it....  and to all of that have to even think about the huge bill we'll have to pay.

I tried to be strong on the Vet Office when the nurse came in holding teddy on his arms wrap on cozy towel, he was just like a piece of rag, that open womb on his face... he really look bad... such a beautiful dog that use to be.
Overall in that Pet Hospital they were just as nice as they could be that made us feel a little better.
I crash in tears on the Car when Marcus hand me Teddy And I keep saying "oh why baby.. why?"
We stop very fast on the Pet Store and get some wet food to give him his medicines for the following week.
Teddy usually sleep in a Indoor Patio we have, I made a Tepee and they have beds and stuff there.
But That night, Teddy Sleep inside the House, still wrap on the towel I add another blanket, put him on his favorite bed, kiss him good night... And he stayed there all night long he didn't move even an inch. I stay with him until 10 pm cause I need to remove the bandage from the IV Fluids he had during surgery.

- "The last kiss my baby I wanna see you back Tomorrow ok? I love you .... Ok mami I'll be fine I love you too...
- Good Night... Good night mami!

Of Course I wasn't able to sleep well that night. I woke at 6 am I was afraid to go and check on Teddy but I had to do it. So I went out the bedroom and there he was laying on his bed, didn't move even to come and greet me... and still with that sad looking face, I thought he was just gonna be laying the rest of the day.

We have a little routine every morning, Teddy sleep in the Patio, Tico sleep on his kennel, cats sleep when ever they want LOL. But with my Boys as soon as I woke up I release them to the front yard (Doggie's personal business you know...) and they go NUTs for this they anxiously wait and come running for me to let them go out early morning.
And well in that sad morning I was just taking Tico for going out. But as soon as I open the door I hear some little steps coming forward... It wasn't Tico... he was already waiting on the door, So I look back and it was my Teddy... My warrior dog... he still wanted to go out and pee just as always he love to do. I let them out, Teddy was a little slow, but by the end of that day Teddy was slowly going back to himself. 

A Happy End...

Now Teddy Still bears that ugly scab, hope there won't be any scar anyway his hair can get really long so I shouldn't bother about that. Teddy is completely fine. He is under a diet of wet food. Most of the teeth he missed was his baby teeth that never fall and it was causing a massive damage.
Teddy its such a crazy, playful, kisser! doggie, now he have the chance to keep bringing love and happiness to his lovely parents (us hehe) He will go back to be the beautiful dog he use to be.


Help us to raise some money to pay off Teddy's Vet Bill. We didn't even think about it in that moment but I'll give everything and more in order to save my Son!

HELP TEDDY ! Yes you can help us! With a donation of Only ONE DOLLAR!  For Every donation you'll will receive a Cute Post Card, Also one of you would have the change to get One my OOAK Dolls AS A GIFT. There is no minimum amount for your donation we'll appreciate it no matter what!

Donations will be collect all September  2010. I will come up with news in October 1st

One of you will be choose to receive My Beautiful BJD "Alice" yes my very First all hand made BJD, Include Doll Stand  and Shipping to USA *
And I may be adding a surprise Second Gift!!!

In regards of Marcus (Hubby) and my Kids I just wanna say "Thanks" for your help and support.
Please don't forget to pass this out to your friends and Family!! Contact me if you have some question you can catch me in Facebook too.

* Help from my friends outside of USA is welcome! But my limit for shipping is $5.00, if you Won you'll have to pay the remain amount for Shipping by USPS First Class Mail, contact me for a quote.

Now Watch some Teddy's Funny Pictures: 

 Man... I hate to take a Shower!!

My Mami Said I look so darn cute with long hair, But come'n man!!!  This is humiliation!

 Oh yeah! This is more like it! 

 Ah... Merry Christmas?

 Sneaking to the bed with Papa...

 Thanks for all! many Kisses!

My Doll Alice has been Won already but if you wish you can still give some donation for Teddy:

I'll send you  a Post-card and a little gift ;)


  1. Oh Noemi, I just cried with you.. I love teddy (from what I know of him) I want to contribute something to try and help, I don't have much money but Im sure every little bit does help.
    *great big hugs to you and teddy*


  2. Yes Lynny, I was sad too typing this post and remembering, I'm just happy that my baby it's alright now with and excellent recovery, he will be fine and that's the most important thing to me.
    Thanks for sharing my pain...

    Big hugs!!

  3. I could only give a small amount so far Noemi, will do it again next payday - hugs

  4. Thanks dear sharon!! we do appreciate a lot every little help no matter what!

  5. I've experienced similar fears when my dog was attacked by another and nearly died. Fortunately she survived so in her name I've donated :)

  6. This made me cry and smile at the same time. This broke and touched my heart in so many ways. Are you still taking donations, because I'd really love to help you and your little family of furry cuties. ;_;

  7. Dear Tamara, Thanks for your kind words. yeah it was really hard during that time, but I think Teddy himself help me going through that he is tough little boy!
    If you wish to donate it will be more than welcome. I just add a "donation" button in the end of this post.