Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Back...

In home again, everything was messy over here, I've been cleaning and washing clothes for the past 4 days!
I wanna thanks everyone for your donations.
Lucky Aaron from Illinois got my Beauty Doll "Alice" although he decided for me to keep the Doll in order to be sell and help a little more for Teddy's Bills, so .... Thanks for that good heart Aaron!!

I still will be having an opening for donations, you still can help! I'll do my best for sending little gifts for your donations.

Teddy is doing better and better, maybe to much LOL he is been so naughty while I was gone.

I have few Auctions going on: My Female Centaur, The Young Fawn, Breyer Horses and so please come and check my Auction on Ebay: My New Auctions

Big Hugs!!

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