Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BJD Little ELf WIP 2

Today I was feeling how the clay was, sometimes may be tricky cause only the surface may be dry but not the whole piece, if you're working with ADC (Air Dry Clay) you have to wait until the piece is all dry before separating the inner core from the clay other way the clay will keep drying for so shrinking and will get deform.

What you can do while the piece is drying is mark cutting areas with a pencil and knife, don't cut all the way through! just enough to have it mark and make it easy to completely cut once the piece is dry.

You can also mark and completely cut main holes on the body and head, like the hole for arms, legs, eyes, etc.

 I use these wooden ball tools to help get a better round shape

 Marking and Cutting of eyes holes

Now the Arms and Legs:
 Your helper will be a simply straw! measure and cut in pieces as needed 

Yes, roll on the clay on the straw and give it some shape
These will be all for this week, I'll be marking the arms and legs once they're lightly dry, then probably next week when the whole piece is dry will be taking the inner core out, stick around for more updates!

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