Monday, July 25, 2011

BJD Little ELf

A New Project, will be around 5" Tall, Air Dry Clay.
The basic design was provide to me I just fix it a little bit and add all the balls for joints, now grab some aluminum paper for the core body.

Here is the Original:

Cute uh?

And here is with the ball joints:

And all ready to start!
I'm in the mood for making a Step by Step WIP so keep watching I'll try to take as much pics as I can...

And here we go! .....

 Core made out of Styrofoam ball and aluminum foil

 Once you have the core done don't forget to wrap it with plastic! other way the clay will stick completely to the core...

I'm mixing one part Premier and One Part of LaDoll
Here done the head and body... now its just the waiting time!
While that I may be working arms and legs, but this is all for today...

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