Saturday, November 19, 2011

BJD Prototype

Working on a prototype Body to be cast.. or that I hope... If everything goes well

She looks good so far... is interesting how after several attempts on making a BJD from scratch by now it seem kind of easy, well at least I was able to work in a week (what before took me several months!!) at this point. and everything is going smooth, I believe being able to recognize preview mistakes  helps a lot!! I still don't  wanna do the double joints on the legs as I'm planing to cast this Doll only in polymer clay, if I was planing on Resin I'll truly work for those double joints.

Materials: Super Sculpey Firm, Clay Softener, TLS, Xacto knife, Sanding sponges, wooden tools and my Own Hands... No molds used for this Prototype Doll

YES I can get some help here!! First did anybody know of a good tutorial  for casting in Plaster?? Else did anyone know where can I possible have my Doll cast in Resin? I did find a China Company but heck!! their minimum order is 50 Dolls! I only wanted to cast at least one just to see how is come up? sooo HELP HELP HELP!!

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  1. I like how smooth the body looks. You've smoothed it well!