Friday, February 12, 2010

BJD Doll Still working on it

Ok, If I post pictures every day I'll bore your head off LOL, cause it takes a couple days to dry out and leave me keep working on in, here you can see the arms, I made a mistake.. I shouldn't cut the elbows on the first layer (I should wait until the second layer was complete) now is kind of hard to apply the second layer of clay...

Here I'm playing with the torso, can you see the difference? the chest is rough I haven't sand that jet, compare with the hip parts its all smooth and nicely sand...

Let's How it look with the head on:

Boy, I was ready to start painted the head 'til I realize ... she has no hears!! grrr NOw have to make the ears and wait for it to dry ... I may try that Lori Told me about baking a very low heat on the oven... I just can't stand waiting!!!

Ok head with ears complete!! Hey if you notice anything dis-proportional on this face let me know I still can make changes here

This is a bad pic but it has some of the pieces.. yeah you guess it ... getting dry!!

And that all for today, will be back in another couple day LOL, man! I will start making the one in Polymer Clay I bet that will be finish first LOL!!!!

One last word I really admire Hannie Sarris!!!!


  1. Well done!!! Cant wait to see her finished

  2. Noemi,
    You are doing a fantastic job so far! I'm curious to know if you tried the baking on the very low setting in the oven. I have never tried it myself, only read about it. And, I'm with you.....I really admire Hannie Sarris too! She's my hero! lol


  3. Great job!!! i wait to seeher finished andi am sure that she will be fantastic!!!!