Saturday, February 27, 2010

I can say my BJD is Finish

Pretty much, I think hair and outfit will be the add on LOL
But here she is posing for the cameras. I few personal reviews from this work:

1. You can't see on the pics (well maybe if you have a very good eye lol) but there is a lot of imperfections on her joints, some details on the composition of the body (hard to get good details because of the air dry clay)
2. The eyes are acrylic (Glib for BJD)
3. I was crazy trying to make a double jointed for my first Doll (way much work!!). And I didn't make it right joints can't really totally bend :(
4. The ball on thigh and legs are wood balls

And so... thanks for your comments... yep very soon I'll adding hair and making an outfit for my naked first BJD.

And I just finished her rear head and she pose for me for a couple well lighted pictures...


  1. Dear Noemi, your BJD is brilliant ! and i love her color too! Your work gave me the final kick to try my own BJD :) I have one question if you could help me with advice... i never worked with air drying clay,what can i use to sand it? i would appreciate an advice...oh, i want to try it badly !!!

    all the best


  2. Use LaDoll CLay, Premier is good too but a litte soft, best is to mix 60% LAdoll with %40 Premier. You have to be very patience the clay take a couple days to dry (so you can keep building up or re-shaping)
    For sanding I'll recommend this kind of sponge like (soft flat) sand paper I found it in Home Depot - Lowes. I use Fine, Superfine and Ultra fine to finish sanding, Paints are just high quality acrylics (artist paints)
    Hope that help ;)

  3. Wow, it's a great advice, thank you for sharing :) I didn't know where to start and i bought already Fimo Air Drying clay but next time i will try your mixture.

    With good light your doll looks even more stunning, you did a great job on her and very neat !