Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BJDolls Finally Finished

And Overall they ended up looking great, but there was such bad news, this Air dry Porcelain still not strong enough to hold on the pressure, afterwords the BJD Convention, the trip and so two of the Doll start cracking on the nee, so that was the end of this cause I'm not going for working with real porcelain, neater resin its expensive and toxic, what I can do in the end is fix or reinforce the joints with epoxy (witch seems to be a lot more harder)  and these aren't a playful Dolls at all so I hope will be able to sell them to the OOAK Art Doll Collectors.

It was a fun adventure trough, I have to say, lots of work, I did enjoy the conference a lot, now I need to get soooo bad a BJD hehehe I just totally felt in love with them.

And well no more word but pictures hehehe:

I made this one for a Contest on the Show "Doll and Owner Alike" my Little niece help me with this and guess what? we won!!


  1. How awesome is that! Splendid job, Noemi. Congratulations to you and your beautiful niece! She was a super model!


  2. Congratulations !
    Dear Noemi,I admire all the work you have put to create these bjd,its awesome ! i feel sorry that the porcelaine was not strong enough for your project... I hope you will not stop though.. you are too good at this ! please keep searching for the wright medium, dont stop your project, your bjd are beautiful and neat.

    p.s. will you stll be doing the tutorial for molds making? please let me know if you make it