Friday, May 7, 2010

Done Painting BJD

This is the last Update I'll be busy on the weekend, two days of Craft Show, maybe I'll take my Dolls to work on there, but here is the last pic, think I over work with the pink shades?? and I'm not sure of painting her feminines parts, as they will be porcelain I'm not intent to offer these as Children Toys, so I don't know about that.


  1. Noemi, I think you did a fine job on the blushing. The feminine part (or venus mound) is subtle in color. I think you did much like I would do concerning the area. I think you will find that once you get her clothing on, you might like her better. If you are not happy with the blushing, you can always sponge dab a bit of flesh tones onto the blushed areas to bring out more flesh. That might tone it down just a bit to make you a bit happier. :-) She looks great though. Good luck at the show!


  2. Great job Noemi ! and what a magical holidays you had... :)