Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Yeahhh, That was a nice week vacation... really Hawaii? once you're there man! your don't want to come back LOL. We have such fun, nice tan and by the way make some friends like this cute little one:

An adorable young Monk Seal, rare to see, we were very lucky!! We saw them 3 times!

And anyway, back to California... back to work buahhh... Sure it is!
I'm back to my BJD, before I left I have already finished with the last mold, so they were drying all week, now I just pick, clean, maybe sand a little bit and star using them.
It was a lot hard to make the hands, the slip has a little bit of smell, but until today I got to cast the first Doll and an extra head (I made 4 heads total) working all day just in that...

Looking good so far uh? I'm using and Air Dry porcelain slip but manufacturer recommend to bake it a 200 F for about 4 to 6 hours, I didn't got to do that today will do it tomorrow for sure and make another body and heads of course... Did I mention that I got to make a double joint body? Well yes I have (wasn't really expected, but a last second thing hehe) I may be working those molds tomorrow.


  1. Welcome back, Noemi! Glad you had a great time in Hawaii! And, lucky you getting to make such a wonderful new friend. Would love to meet up with a monk seal. Beautiful creatures. :-)