Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Dolls!

So I was making a couple Dolls to showcase in my visit to Lima and Buenos Aires, this brave ones travel with me all the way and until now they seem to have resist the trip

Still no Name Elve Lady (Base on the Elves from LOTR)

"Ivan" so far the biggest baby I ever made, he had BJD glass eyes and realistic eyelashes:

And he was adopted in Buenos Aires, new Mom Mariela is very happy!!

This lil Mermaid was finished in Buenos Aires :) and she stay there with my Friend Monica!

 As well as this tiny baby girl...

Then going back home in Peru I start with this beauty .... Unluckily I wasn't able to finish the piece and also have problems with the type of acrilics from overthere, so I bring her back with me to be restore... But this how she looks at first,  but the paint never dry still skicky I need to remove all the paint and do it again...

And lastly I made another Mermaid she is with me too just need her base so far a truly beauty...


  1. The Neyteri doll looks exactly like her in the movie! It must have taken you a long time to make it look exactly like her, what with all the painting, polishing, and detailing that had to be done. What’s really amazing about it is how you were able to put details on her eyes. They look so realistic, like they were really looking at you.


  2. Thanks so much! you should see her as final piece cause she have some fix work done.

    Best regards!