Sunday, July 1, 2012

Neytiri Bust

Ok so this is a 1:6 Bust of Neytiri, I made this piece during my visit to my country Peru (just a couple weeks back) I made few pieces while I was in South America but anyway, for Neytiri I use some local acrylic paints she endend up fine just like this:

Looks ok I guess but I wasn't happy with the eyes anyway she need it glass eyes and some other final details reason why I took her back with me, in the meanwhile I realise something was wrong with the paint, the surface was sticky like the paint was never getting dry... and it wasn't. So in the way back home to California she got all sticky and mess up buahhhh... and this was a gift! I have to take off hair, eyes and open her up...

poor thing...

Well I just grad some nail polish remover cotton and try to get that out!! thanks heaven it work...

Now Start over was thingking about Americana Acrylics but I happen to have some Blue Genesis Oils yay!! That's even better!!

Can't show on the pics  but her freckles glow in the dark! cool uh! well now she will put aside until the BJD eyes I ordered from Asia arrive, as well as hair and some other things I can get for final touches ;), So there she's for at least couple weeks.

Thanks for reading me :)



  1. I wish I could see the freckles, I think she's coming along nicely.

    Marisa :)

  2. Thanks you!! oh it looks awesome I wish to find a way to get that pic in the dark with my camera :(